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Case Studies

 For Training Institutes

Training institutes which provides computer trainings, language classes, animations, home tuitions, music, dance, drama classes etc. are getting benefitted from Lead Management Solution of Tugbiz.

LMS gets used by telecaller of training institutes.Telecaller saves lots of her time from data-etnry because LMS can understand different email formats and extract information and save it in to the database. Also the training institutes receives lots of leads from portals like Jusdial, Sulekha, Thinkvidya, Yet5,Asklaila,Shiksha,Google Adwords etc. LMS helps them to consolidate the entire enquiry at one place without dataentry.This saves almost 25% of bandwidth of telecaller for other productive tasks.

One of the important activity for any telecaller is to do followup with students and note down next follow up date. LMS provides easy GUI to add followup.LMS will also help them to generate daily TODO list using follow up features. So they dont miss on any lead.

For larger training institues which have team of telecaller LMS can automate the lead distribution task using RoundRobin or keyword mechanism.

For training institutes Owner or Manager LMS helps to measure ROI of lead source, helps measure efforts by individual telecaller with the help of very flexible reporting features. 50+ different type of training institutes from Mumbai,Pune,Banglore,Ahmedabad,Hydrebad,Chennai are our Customers.

Some of customers from these segments are Challenging Horizon,English King, Muzi Club, Alchemy India training services, Unicorn Soft labs , Edugroomers etc

 For Travel Agents

In Travel industry agents need to respond to enquiries from JustDial, Sulekha immediately. LMS helps travel agents to automate it. LMS will extract mobile from your JustDial or Sulekha and immediately send transactional SMS to the prospect/enquiry.

Example: As travel agent you may receive an enquiry for cab Mumbai to Pune at 12.30 am in the night. LMS will automatically collect information and send the details according to the requirement like 'Thanks for contacting. Our cab facilities from Mumbai to Pune are available and at affordable rates please get in touch with below mentioned details for the cab facility'. This will take less than 45 seconds.So within a second your message gets sent.This will imporve the lead conversion.

For travel agency Owner or Manager LMS helps to measure ROI of lead source, helps measure efforts by individual telecaller with the help of very flexible reporting features.

Some of our customers from these segments are Parshva Tours and Travels, Next Tourism, Majestic Holidays etc.

 Real Estate Agents

LMS automatically maps Customer requirements against the Real estate inventory. For example, If a Real estate agent receives email from with customer requirement of 2BHK flat in Shivaji Nagar, as real estate agent you have to just forward this email to LMS application, once LMS application receives this email it automatically finds out all the matching properties and send the corresponding email to the Customer.

So the real estate does not require to login to any system which saves lots of time and also the Centralized Database gets created which can be used for better business insights like which area, which type of apartment are in great demand or not in demand etc.

Suman Properties from Pune successfully using LMS to capture customers requirement and send them personalized SMS and Email.

 Insurance Agents

Financial Quotient a big company from insurance segment is evaluating LMS for lead tracking. As big telecalling company they have lots of telecaller and they have to keep track of efforts and conversion of every agent. LMS helping them meausre efforts by different telecaller and also helping them for generating better Reporting.

Small Insurance agents receives lots of lead from JustDial & Sulekha etc. LMS helps them to send automatic response to all the their enquiries even if they are on field and effective enquiry lead management using our application.

LMS also helps for bulk email and SMS to generate more leads.

Some of our customers are Jeevan Jyoti Services, M.G.Insurance etc.

 LMS & IVR Integration

Total Sports has 5 shops all over Mumbai.They receive lots of enquiries from JustDial, Sulekha as well as through their IVR systems. They were facing problems to consolidate all leads in once place. LMS helps them to capture all lead email and create a centralized database.

All telecaller from Total sports use LMS application for their lead managment and out going calls. LMS has successfully integrated Click to call API by SuperReception.

Manager at Total Sports are very happy with the powerful reporting of LMS and it helps them for better business insight.

Total Sports has 5 shops all over Mumbai, they receive lots of enquiries from JustDial, Sulekha as well as through their own IVR systems, and they are successfully using LMS.

 LMS For Computer AMC

Yantra Seva Pvt ltd a Computer AMC and Servicing company from Pune receive lots of leads from JustDial and Sulekha. They were facing challengs to respond to all lead with precise information and manage them effectively. LMS helped them to solve it by providing different email & SMS format. Yantra Seva has created lots of email format and mapped it against lead category. LMS assign correct lead category to every incoming email and finds out corresponding message template and sends it in no time.

LMS has unlimited templates available, which would help the computer AMC companies to save content about each category for sending SMS & Email. There are many enquiries like requirements for laptop repairing for Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Vaio, Acer, etc.

So depending upon the requirements LMS application will pick the matching template will send them an automatic Email/SMS in response.

Some of our customers of this segment are- Yantra Seva Pvt ltd, Nano Hub etc


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