Data analytics is pivotal to every business.

Segment is a CDI or Customer Data Infrastructure tool, which collects customer data from various touchpoints, including mobile apps, websites, servers, and cloud applications. It takes the guesswork out for marketers by creating a datahub to centralize and analyse data. It routes to over 300 tools including Facebook and Google Analytics via a single API and offers a unified format of the data. It is a single JavaScript client that does the task without installing separate applications or learning them from scratch.

The structured data offered by Segment can effectively capture the user personas on a website, even before they are known to you.

These ready-to-use profiles are what businesses need to gain traction.

TugBiz is a Segment Partner. Our experts assist you in making customer-centric, mission-critical business decisions using the best features of the tool, including the user-profiles. We help you in every step of the way to implement the core features of Segment for your business and attain maximum profits.

Additionally, we are instrumental in:

  • Helping you understand the demand for products/services
  • Chalking the most accurate buyer personas
  • Crafting a unique strategy for your business

Segment for B2B Business

Simple API

Feedback Integrations

Segment Replay


Analytics Integration

The most challenging aspect is to select the right data sources to maintain data hygiene and validate the source of truth, with numerous digital channels available. From churn risks to upsell potential, segment ensures success for businesses by equipping them with a 360-degree view of every customer.

Our Segment Consulting experts help businesses in deriving the right insights which, in turn, helps drive the right content at the right time to increase the sales conversions across the funnel.

We enable high-end features and functionalities of Segment such as - SQL, survey, email, analytics, chat and A/B testing to cohesively tie the data as a part of our consulting process. This bridges the gaps for your business for driving quick sales from your prospects.

We use the data analytics obtained from Segment to improve the quality and quantity of your leads. This is because the campaigns are all highly personalised based on deep insights into the customer journey.

Segment for Startups

Extensive Integrations

Significant Cost Savings

Single Source for KPIs

Historical Data Based Personalisation

Right Personas at Right Time

The data derived from thorough analytics can set things in motion for various startups.

Say, for instance, it helps you find whether the products are the right fit for the market. This is critical for early-stage startups as well as the ones in stealth-mode and the unicorns.

Marketers working with/for startups will need this single API to get rid of most dependencies and focus on quantified results with simple, yet powerful data collection. The one-stop data analytics solution assists startups as they experience growth in terms of their products and customer base.

As Segment Partner, we have worked in close quarters with several startups across the US and Europe markets. We've assisted them in framing and executing the overarching strategy using the tool's apt features. This helped them achieve an effective data-driven funnel, an efficient tracking method, and knowhow of the essential metrics.

Segment for SMEs/ Enterprise

200+ Integrations

Secure Connections

Scalable Architecture

No Redundant Codes

Segment's Customer Data Platform helps enterprises with real-time, consolidated data. It activates high-quality data in 200+ integrations including Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

The comprehensive customer profiles, for instance, help them resolve crises and scale-up. Enhanced security features such as data encryption at rest and TLS protection in transit, Single Sign-On and Fine-grained permissions in transit amplify the safety of the data. These advanced security features also simplify GDPR compliance.

We enable data analytics & marketing departments in enterprises to use these datasets and help them strategise precise marketing roadmaps. This, in turn, helps capture the right data for building the right attribution models and achieving accurate ROI calculations for management reporting.

Tugbiz Segment Consulting services offer end-to-end implementation of the tool for B2B and B2C firms, ensuring that the implementation process is agile and customized as per the needs of individual business processes.